Monday, June 22, 2009

New poll, new social network pages

Poll results!

Diablo style - 41 (55%)
Ultima style - 2 (2%)
Sims style - 31 (41%)
Votes: 74

The big winner is Diablo style, that is, single click movement. But with Sims style (select to "walk there" from a context menu) a close second, I decided to implement both systems. You'll be able to switch between them from an option in the settings window. But, if for some extraordinary reason it's impossible to have both ways available, I will stick with the style that won.

New poll!!!

The new poll is about representation of entity properties. To be completely honest I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology for this.

Choice 1 : Numerical representation of properties
This is the system that most games use. For example, Sword Damage = 5, Armor = 10, Hunger = 20, and so on. Makes players know exactly where they are, but reduces the whole experience to a number game. Not that it's completely bad, let's face it: we all, at some level, gain satisfaction by watching numbers grow.

Choice 2: Use of adjectives to describe properties
This is an obfuscated but more immersive system. For example, Very Sharp Sword, Heavily Armored, Very Hungry. Makes it a little more difficult comparing properties at the beginning, but eventually grows on you. In the end, the more hardcore players end up finding out the formulas and translate these adjectives to a numerical value.

I'd like to hear what you thing the best system for a game like Start-a-town! would be. So don't forget to vote!

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