Sunday, July 26, 2009

Release: Start-a-Town! 0.0.2

New demo is ready! I've started the enumeration from zero since the previous demo was a miserable failure.

The tutorial explains everything you have to know about the demo! If I forgot something, ask here. There are many problems. Some I know, and some I don't know. Feel free to report them here. I also very much want to hear your suggestions about how things (that are currently in the demo) could be better. Lastly I want to hear what would you like to see next!

Download Start-a-Town! v0.0.2

In other news the poll about object properties ended a distaster! Only 16 votes! Anyway, on to the next one! A poll not particularly about game design. But I was wondering what would be more interesting: More frequent but less stable new demo versions, or... the opposite? Vote away!

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