Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update: A couple of screenshots

Development has been fast, but updates have been slow! Sorry about that! I want to release a new alpha of the game. I need to do some polishing first though, and I'm gonna need a couple of weeks more (I hope). So expect a new release during this time. For now, I'm gonna post here a couple of screenshots that I posted on the other forums a few weeks ago.

sat-teaser 23-9

Here is a teaser of the context menu (with its new graphics). Below that is a sample of how the communication skill will work. Basically, if a character has too low communication skill, he will stutter for a bit before communicating his message (the time until the bar fills up). Lastly, you can see the AI harvesting some berries from a bush while being hungry.


Here is another screenshot - not very polished though - showing that I'm working on implementing farming! This is one of the first things you're gonna do in the game, along with building your house. Speaking of which, you'll see the first steps of the building system in the next release. You won't be able to build a full house yet, but you'll get a grasp of the building procedure, which I think is pretty unique and will make you more attached to your creations.

One a side note, you can see some actionbars at the right of screen which I think is a good idea for the interface. Basically you will have an inventory displaying all your items, but you may additionally create these actionbars which for quick access to particular types of your items. For example, you want to have a quick bar of your tools. Open your inventory, select one of your tools and then something like "create quickbar for items of this type". Time will tell (and feedback!) if it's practical or not.

That's all for now, now back to the code...