Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update: Widgets, Construction, Gui

After months of absence, here I am to remind everyone (or anyone that still cares) that this project is far from dead!
New teaser screenshot showing some of the things I've been working on lately!
To the right side you can see the widgets, little panels that hide offscreen and appear on mouseover. You can pin them so they don't hide.
Inventory window, complete with drag and drop capabilities.
Sexification of the UI. You can customize the color.
More things that don't appear in this screenshot.
Stage 1 of the building construction system. Mark a plot of land, enter edit more, and draw on that blueprint-like thingy. Give the command to commence building and your little person will go and build wall frames according to plan. Later stages involve adding wall designs to replace the wooden frames, and floors.
Last time I promised a new demo within 2 or so weeks was.... last november, and I ended up not posting any more updates out of shame. So this time no! I have absolutely no idea when I'm gonna release a demo. I realized the game is like 0.0005% done and it's a joke releasing demos at that point. I wanna have something basic, but playable. So, stay tuned! I'll be around more often from now on.

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