Change Log



-"Right click to interact" hover text on tooltips appeared even if your character didn't fulfil the object's interactions requirements, such as having a tool equipped.
-Wall highlights appeared wrong on rotated walls.
-Fixed routing when chopping down trees.
-Fixed crash when trying to repeat certain interactions on yourself.
-Added missing log wall puzzle pieces.


    -The map can now be rotated both ways, and map rotation hotkeys to Z, X.
    -Changed the hotkeys to change max visible layer from Alt + Mousewheel to Control + Mousewheel for more convenience while digging.
    -Right clicking on an interactive object now opens a context menu with available interactions to choose from. -Some interactions only become available only when fulfiling some requirements, like having a specific tool equipped. Also, certain interactions can be repeated by holding Control and Right clicking a target.
    -Added farming.
    -Sexied up tooltips. Significantly.
    -Added screenshot capturing. Screenshots are saved in the "Screenshots" folder inside the game executable folder. Additionally there's an option to render specific chunks to a file.
    -Reduced size of constructions window.
    -Walls are now treated as tiles, and as such can be walked and built upon, as long as a walkable path exists. Additionally, constructed tiles (like decks) can be built directly on the vertical face of the wall.
    -Walls now rotate properly when the map is rotated.